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Saturday, 07 September 2013 12:18

PTU Trend Jumper Review, Live Training Room

Trend Jumper Trading System, some news to share with you today because I tried it, new trading system that worked for me and I’m hoping to share the love with you guys that always supported me. The trading system that I’m going to share is going to be useful for both Futures traders and Forex traders alike, and can be probably used by beginner traders and veteran traders alike, since it’s new and doesn’t really get influenced by your existing trading methods. It’s good for part time traders but I have to say it is going to be vital for full time traders, so full time traders should pay particular attention to this article. The tactic I’m going to disclose to you involves the use of PTU Trade Jumper, a new program and strategy guide out there – don’t worry the program is completely legal and white hat, you aren’t going to get in trouble for using it to your advantage.

As far as trading models are concerned, it really doesn’t matter either, but Day Traders and Swing Traders will benefit the most from Trade Jumper System.

The PTU Trend Jumper trading strategy is highly based on live price action, detecting patterns on the fluctuating market and telling you when the reward potential is high and the risk is still low, because it’s like a loophole on the live price action. When the price action makes it that risks are way inferior to profit potential, there’s a Trend Jumper opportunity there, and you jump – this will reek you some amazing profits in the long run.

Why do I know this? I’ve been implementing this tactic both on the Futures market and the Forex Market alike, and it has been working wonders. The PTU Trade Jumper program attaches to any chart, but the tick and line charts are better matches for it. The PTU Trade Jumper strategy guide is a golden piece of knowledge by Nooker, a veteran trader, that will get you one step ahead of the competition – and the competition isn’t much, since Trend Jumping is not very popular these days.

This program will give you value whether you are a newbie trader or a veteran trader like me, and the trader community of Trend Jumper is pretty friendly… people tend to get friendly when they are on the green.

I’m a trade jumper already and I like it, I still trade as I used to but I add this strategy ever so often to maximize my profits. PTU Trend Jumper is not going to make you rich over night, but it is an awesome addition to any trader’s arsenal.

Friday, 06 September 2013 15:34

Trend Jumper Review. PTU Trading System Review

Free Trend Jumper System Genetically-Modified Scalping System...Netpicks Premier Trader University has developed this highly profitable Trend Jumper System for trading forex and futures. They have decided to give it FREE. Terrified of scalping? The crazy spreads and crushing risk while you're superglued to your chair. But done right, it can be insanely lucrative!

A Program That Can Genuinely Aid You To Make A Real And Substantial Profit Trading FOREX Or The Futures Markets!  Come On, Haven’t We Heard It All Before…?

Okay, so we all trade (or want to trade) FOREX or the futures markets for one reason only:  and that’s to make money!  But the market is awash with products that claim to have THE little known answer to make this reality.  So when the Premier Trader University, or PTU use this very tactic to promote their latest program, Trend Jumper Review, then we have to say that we immediately become extremely cynical.

However, we do like to give these products a serious road test before we allow our pre-conceived thoughts hit the air.  Hence we decided to get indicator down and dirty with the program that’s billing itself as a ‘revolution’ to the way full and part time traders operate.

So, what the program is, is a strategy guide that is based on live price action, detecting various patterns and allowing you to literally jump on to the Owners Club and jump off with your trades.  This in turn gives the potential for large profits.  In the past, this type of trading has come complete with a large corresponding risk factor.  However, because this is a system that uses real time information, these risks become far, far lower when you get the Trend Juper Tradeplan.

The program includes the following:

  • The Trend Jumper Software:  The crux of the system, and includes indicators and calculator.  Based on decades of trading knowledge, this has been built, customized, tried and tested, and literally does 99% of the work for you.
  • Video Training:  A complete training course that shows you the exact way to use the system.
  • Virtual Live Training:  Twice a week you get the opportunity to hook up online with the guys at PTU and literally trade alongside them.  This gives you live and real time support as you literally shadow the experts…
  • PTU Trend Jumpers Owners’ Club:  30 days free access giving you added training, such as Q&A calls with the course developer, walk-throughs and new ‘turn-key’ trade plans added each month.
  • Unlimited email and phone access:  Talk to the technical support team whenever you like, as many times as you lime.
  • 1 hour one-on-one personal coaching call:  Exactly as it says on the label…  With a trader who’s extremely experienced in trading using PTU Trend Jumper.
  • Trend Jumper Indicator Boot Camp:  An online video course that covers further trading information such as economic reports, trade psychology and setting up your trade desk.

And loads more – far too much to mention in this short review.

PTU Trend jumper has been designed for anyone who seriously wants to make money from trading.  And this includes those who’re right at the start of their trading journey, as long as they’re serious and want to learn.  It’s also just as suitable for the intermediate to advanced Trend Jumper Live Training Room.  It literally ticks the boxes for anyone who wants to trade the FOREX or Futures markets.

The system simplifies trading, making it perfect for those who want to look for continual opportunities in which to trade, without having to get their head around 101 different pieces of information.  Oh, and it also suits both those who want to day trade or swing trade.  In other words, if you want to up your chances of making serious profits, then this baby really will become your best friend.

Who are the Premier Trader University?

PTU Trade Jumper has been written by some of the best brains in the business.  These include Troy “TJ” Noonan, who’s been trading live since 1992, and is a coach and mentor to hundreds of traders.  He’s the guy who actually wrote PTU Jump Trader, and you only need type his name into Google to see his reams and reams of accolades.  He’s also produced other, highly successful trading systems that have been used by satisfied traders around the world.

  • PTU Trend Jumper allows you to trade using one simple, elegant chart.  No more do you have to sit puzzling over confusing chart after confusing chart, trying to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together in one place.
  • It offers you the potential for high frequency profits, but does away with the inherent high risk.
  • It allows you to trade the FOREX and the Futures markets.  And the education you receive means that even a keen beginner can quickly get to grips with the exact whys and wherefores of the system.
  • The program gives you the ability to get in and out of the markets real fast, therefore taking your profits quickly.
  • The system is simple to use.  Simply plug in and play, put it on your chart and you’re ready to go.
  • The system is dynamic, and automatically adjusts on a real time basis.
  • It comes with a 45 day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.  This means that you can try it for a little over six weeks, and if you’re not completely satisfied you can get every red cent of your money back.  Now that’s what we call a guarantee…
  • Well, no type of FOREX of Futures trading comes with zero risk.  And even by using a system such as PTU Trend Jumper Download you can never get rid of every bit of potential risk.  But what it does do, is minimize this down to the lowest level possible.  And any trader reviews, he knows that the lower the risk, the better the overall outcome is. 

Well, well, well.  We certainly didn’t expect to come to the opinion that we did about PTU Trend Jumper, because we honestly thought we were going to hate it!  But nothing could be further from the truth.  For anyone who is honestly looking for an extremely clever system that’s also simple to use, then PTU Trend Jumper could be just what you’re looking for.

And with the added bonus of continual support (as well as the money back guarantee), then these guys are certainly putting their money where their mouth is.  In a nutshell, we think that they’re gonna have a heck of a lot of happy customers.  Well done guys, PTU Trend Jumper certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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