trend jumper trading system

Trade Jumper Tradeplan, Live Training Room

PTU Trend Jumper Tradeplan, is a strategy that NetPicks teach traders in their Premier Trader University…a highly respect trading education company.  The indicator was developed and taught to the members of the university.  The results were outstanding and people picked up the trading method with very little learning curve. Trend Jumper Tuition Reimbursement Program includes both day trading and swing trading.  They decided to offer it to traders as a stand along Forex and Futures trading system to those not in the university.

Written by some of the best brains in the business, PTU Trade Jumper that’s billing itself as a ‘revolution’ to the way full and part time traders operate has caught attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review. “PTU Trend Jumper is a strategy guide that is based on live price action, detecting various patterns, and allowing you to literally jump on and jump off with your trades; this in turn gives the potential for large profits,” reports Stevenson. “In the past, this type of trading has come complete with a large corresponding risk factor. However, because this is a system that uses real time information, these risks become far lower. The system is simple to use; simply plug in and play, put it on your chart, and you’re ready to go.”

PTU Trend Jumper Live Training Room includes The Trend Jumper Software, Video and Virtual Training with live and real time support where users literally shadow the experts, PTU Trend Jumpers Owners’ Club, Unlimited email and phone access to the technical support team, 1 hour one-on-one personal coaching call with a trader who’s extremely experienced in trading using PTU Trend Jumper, and Trend Jumper Boot Camp. PTU Trend Jumpers Owners’ Club offers 30 days free access to added training such as Q&A calls with the course developer, walk-throughs, and new ‘turn-key’ trade plans added each month. Trend Jumper Boot Camp is an online video course that covers further trading information such as economic reports, trade psychology, and setting up the trade desk.

“Our PTU Trend Jumper review of the Software shows the crux of the system is based on decades of trading knowledge. With indicators and calculators, this has been built, customized, tried and tested, and literally does 99% of the work for you,” says Stevenson. “PTU Trend Jumper allows you to trade using one simple, elegant chart. It offers you the potential for high frequency profits, but does away with the inherent high risk. The program gives you the ability to get in and out of the markets real fast, therefore taking your profits quickly and suits both, those who want to day trade or swing trade.”

“PTU Trend Jumper allows you to trade the FOREX and the Futures markets. The education you receive means that even a keen beginner can quickly get to grips with the exact whys and wherefores of the system. The system is dynamic, and automatically adjusts on a real time basis. Designed for anyone who seriously wants to make money from trading, this program literally ticks the boxes for anyone who wants to trade the FOREX or Futures markets. For anyone who is honestly looking for an extremely clever system that’s also simple to use, then PTU Trend Jumper could be just what you’re looking for. It certainly gets the thumbs up from us.”

Trend Jumper Owners Club